At Engine matters our love and knowledge of cars is captured in our tagline”…we know cars!”. Engine matters was created to fill a void in Ghana’s car and car maintenance culture.Our research and market surveillance have led to the realization that when it comes to the information on cars and routine car maintenance and servicing, most vehicle owners rely solely on the information provided by their mechanics.Whiles that is not a bad thing in principle, the current reality points to the fact that, these mechanics seldom have information on the new cars and all the technology the cars are equipped with.

As vehicles have become more sophisticated in design , so have their engines and their requirements in terms of oil type and grade.In short, it is no longer good enough to just go to Goil, Shell, Total or any other service station and say”I need an oil change.”For peace of mind, and the assurance that your vehicle’s engine would last the duration¬† the manufacturer intended, you must read your Vehicle’s Owners manual and choose the oil type and grade as recommended by the Manufacturer.At Engine Matters, we realize this would not be an easy transition from the old habits to this new car maintenance culture, and that’s why we have come to give you a helping hand.To you, our cherished readers,¬† Engine matters is dedicated to providing credible and relevant information on cars and car maintenance best practices.